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Simply titled, Michael Black, this album is Michael’s first solo CD and was produced by John Doyle. This CD features a variety of songs from shanties, to a song in Irish, anti-war songs and a number of chorus songs. Musicians on the album include John Doyle, Liz Carroll, Liz Knowles, Seamus Egan, John Williams, Chico Huff, Dirk Powell and backing vocals include John Doyle, Mary, Frances, Martin, Shay, Eoghan Scott, Danny and Roisin O’Reilly.

There's enough pristine music tucked inside this solo collection from the eldest of the Black brothers (scion of the Dublin clan that includes Mary and Frances) to power a rocket. Guitarist and producer John Doyle draws sparkling arrangements together from a stellar cast (including Seamus Egan, Liz Carroll, Chico Huff and Dirk Powell), yet Michael Black's declamatory singing style at times overpowers his refreshingly eclectic song choices. He coaxes The Willow Tree into the light delicately, yet Tarry Flynn and Don't Laugh at Me suffer from an abundance of dogma that threaten to overwhelm them. Subtle harmonies from Frances, Mary and members of the next Black generation modulate the mood a little, but a touch more restraint at the frontline might have served this otherwise fascinating collection well. www.compassrecords.com - Siobhán Long - The Irish Times.