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Grace O'Malley

Cathie Ryan
Now in sailor's clothes Granuaile did go, A bold sea captain from top to toe, Her clans and children were the greatest care of Grace O'Malley, of Grace O'Malley, Who never did despair. Her trade was maintenance by land and sea, Two hundred loyal men were her army, No other captain was as skilled or brave as Grace O'Malley, as Grace O'Malley, Who ruled the stormy wave. Now they had not sailed far from Clew Bay, When she spied a vessel bound for Galway, "Those are sea merchants," Grania did cry, “and Granuaile, and Granuaile Will stop that ship or die." She stopped that ship, and they took its store, She returned to Old Erin's shore, With Spanish brandy she walked along, did Granuaile, did Granuaile, Who sweetly sang a song. Now Queen Elizabeth did once suggest That she would name Grace a countess, "Oh no," says Grace, "that would never do, for Grace O'Malley, for Grace O'Malley Is as great a queen as you." The Queen of Connaught by land and sea, Her strength commanded fierce loyalty, Her wealth provided for many’s the clan of Grace O'Malley, of Grace O'Malley, Seawoman of Ireland.

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