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Traditional Arrangement The Black Family, Johnny MacCarthy
When I was young I used to be As fine as a lad as you could see the Prince of Wales invited me To come and join his army Chorus Too ra loo ra loo ra loo She's as sweet as honeydew Too ra loo ra loo ra loo The Lass from Killiecrankie Now I'm old and getting frail Just like a dog without a tail All for the sake of Jane MacNeil The Lass from Killiecrankie Chorus One day as at the door I sat And as she passed I raised my hat And because her little nose was wet I offered her my hankie Chorus Jane, says I,you're looking smart And wouldn''t you take a chance at that She smiled and nearly broke my heart The Lass from Killiecrankie Chorus I nearly fell down to my knees John McFee,she says to me Would you like to spend an hour or three Upon your darlin's hankie Chorus Very soon I jump up For on a thistle I sat down And nearly jumped o'er the banks And braes of Killiecrankie

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